• What a wonderful recipe, I always loved marble cake, and this vegan version sounds really fantastic! So simple to make! 🙂

  • Ethaar says:

    I made this yesterday which turned out really well- texture was very light and taste not too sweet (just right). I used a square cake tin (as did not have a tube pan) and had to bake cake for just under 1 hour at 150C. Not sure if using a different cake tin makes a difference to the cooking time but nevertheless it was delicious 😉 thank you for sharing. X

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi Ethaar, I’m glad you liked it, this is one of my favourite cakes. Changing the type of the tin does affect the baking time, that’s why you needed a lot more time in the oven. As to any of my cakes I don’t use too much sugar as I’m not a huge fan of sugary sweets. I’m glad it turned out fine! 🙂

  • Carolien Peters says:

    This looks really good. Will make it this weekend. Thanks for the recipe!

  • emmi says:

    I am trying to make this cake for my daughter’s birthday. Just wondering what size cups you use; here in the UK a cup would be about half a mug?
    Can you give me some advice , please?

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi Emmi, thanks for your comment. The size of the cups I use are the ones you can buy in the UK. In any case, here goes the cups in grams per cake – 1 cup light brown sugar = 185gr. 1 cup flour = 130gr or 260gr per cake, 1/2 cup of oil = 95gr, 1/2 cup almond milk = 95gr, 1 tbsp baking powder = 15gr, 1 tsp vanilla essence = 5gr, 4 tsp chocolate = 25gr. Please let me know if that works and I hope your daughter likes the cake! 🙂

  • sheander says:

    tried this cake for the first time yesterday and it came out and tasted great. this will be my go to marble cake recipe!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi- I have tried this recipe twice now and although it has risen on the outside it is coming out gooey on the inside and under cooked.
    I tried a square and then a round cake tin. 150 c on a fan oven? Left it over an hr both times.
    Not sure what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks ,

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi C, thanks for your comment. Have you used a tube tin? This recipe requires you use one as it distributes the heat properly. Let me know. Cheers

  • Elaine says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Can I use almond or coconut milk instead of almond? My son is allergic to almond. Love your recipes, thanks so much for sharing it.

    Obrigada mesmo querida 🙂 beijos

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi Elaine, thank you, I’m glad you like the recipes! You can use any other kind of milk, if you’re going for coconut milk, just make sure you don’t use the ones in cans as they have a lot of fat and will change the consistence of the batter. Obrigada 🙂

  • Elaine says:

    Sorry meant to say oat or coconut milk instead of almond milk. lol

  • Laura Hernandez says:

    Hi. I’m attempting to make this cake for the first time and the batter is very watery. Should it be this way or did I do something wrong that can be corrected? Thanks

  • Gagana says:

    Hey, can I use margarine instead of oil?

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi Gahana, I’m afraid you need oil as the consistence is not the same so you won’t get the same result. Did you tried to make the cake? Cheers

  • Lara says:

    I just make this cake and put it in the oven on a round tin and just read on the comments that it needs a tube tin.. I don’t have one of those and the cake is already baking 🙁 I think my boyfriend may have a disastrous but full of love birthday cake tonight lol

  • Rose says:

    Can i use olive oil instead of vegetable oil?

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi Rose, yes that should be fine. I normally use sunflower oil because has no flavour but the olive oil will give you a lovely taste as well. Let me know how it turns out.
      Cheer Vanessa

  • Elisabeth says:

    Hi. Thanks for the recipe.
    I didn’t have any self raising flour so I added 3 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to each mix. .
    Also didn’t have a tube tin so I used a loaf tin, had to squeeze the mixture in as there was a lot! Should probably have made 2 loaves or used sandwich tins.
    Been baking over an hour but still very gooey in the middle. Sneaked a bit off the top though & it tastes great!

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