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Ahead of her time in her challenging of taboos, Vanessa brings together flavours and the appetite of the eye with the act of feeding oneself (and others) with consideration.

Regina Amorim Vieira

A little bit about our chef

Vanessa Almeida is a Brazilian vegan chef based in London. Having moved to England in 2007 with Neni her husband, living in the capital provided exposure to different walks of life, from diverse diets to ethical lifestyles. The couple was inspired to conceive and produce an innovative magazine called Elpis Mag, which came in the format of a paper bag with articles of an ethical nature on either side, distributed freely in select wholefood shops and cafes across the city.

With time Vanessa began to focus on her cooking and went on to take up studies in nutrition with a specialisation in veganism, devoting more time to her online blog all about vegan recipes and tips. Before she knew it she’d gathered enough material to compile a book, and in December 2013 they launched the Essential Vegan Cookbook.

Satisfying her desire to educate and inspire others in the kitchen, Vanessa likes nothing more than combining healthy ingredients to create delicious recipes, proving that vegans needn’t ever compromise in flavour to live according to their ethical beliefs.

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Why I love what I do

Veganism is not only a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It changes the way you see the world, not only the food you eat, the products you use or the clothes you wear. It expands your compassion; respect for others and the way you see minorities in general. That is what Essential Vegan means to me. It’s veganism portrayed in every mouthful.