• Nadia says:

    Hi,what is the quantity for one cups flour? What size cup it is ? For 25 centiliters of water?

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hi Nadia, thanks for your comment.
      I use UK cups so 1 cup is 236.65ml or 116gr. I hope that helps with the recipe, these pancakes are delicious. cheers 🙂

  • My favourite! I love banana pancakes and your recipe is super easy to make. I’m going to make these soon, thanks for sharing your recipe! I’m thinking of using coconut oil, do you find it suitable?

    • Vanessa Almeida says:

      Hu Abby, that’s indeed a easy and delicious recipe. I’m glad you liked it. I never use coconut oil for recipes as it tends to melt when heated but as we don’t cook this for too long it might work. Please let me know if you try to do it with it. 🙂

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