Switch to a vegan diet might sound daunting and the most common thought is – what on earth am I going to eat? The answer to that question is easy – a lot of healthy and some of the best food you ever tasted. Veganism brings to the centre of the table some foods once neglected and believe me you will be amazed of what you can do with beans, vegetables and seeds.

Before you do anything though I recommend that you go for a health check at your GP, do a blood test and find out how your vitamin levels are.

There are several different approaches to make the transition and in my option they all work as long as the goal is the same. Going vegan is one of the best decisions one can make for the environment, billions of innocent animals and off course it will do wonders to your health. So let’s look into a few ways to cross the bridge.

  1. Go vegan bit by bit. You go vegan for breakfast for one week than you add lunch to it and on the third week you go vegan for dinner and than bang! You’re vegan. Start playing around with vegan dishes, make vegan versions of your old classics, like for example, make a tofu or courgette “meat ball” to go with a Bolognese pasta, make a mushroom roast for your Sunday roast lunch e etc. Check the internet for easy recipes to start with; the last thing you want is complicated recipes that are going leave you demotivated.
  2. Join a Vegan Pledge or 30 Days Challenge. The good thing about a program like that is that your will most likely be assigned a buddy to help you along the way and also you are part of a group of people doing it and that is comforting. During the pledge try to get hold of as many literatures as you possible can and discuss your concerns and question with the group.
  3. Pay a visit to your local health shop, in those incredible shops will you find so many vegan options you won’t believe it, as soon as you start looking for vegan food a whole new world will unfold in front of you and products that you never thought were vegan before will become a treat.
  4. Join vegan groups on social media and attend the occasional pot luck and drinks, get involved in vegan events and get to know like minded people That will make the transition process at lot easier.
  5. Go vegan in one go. It can be done and many people find that getting off the old habit once and for all is the best way. Right if you choose to do that, and I personally think is the best way, be sure that you stock you fridge and kitchen cupboard with foods you liked before you make the change. Buy a good cookbook, like mine for example, and visit the web for inspiration.

A few things that are important to tackle in whichever route you chose to go and they are:

  • Start taking a vitamin B12 supplement, although there are different opinions out there about the absorption and stock of vitamin B12, the truth is that you can only get B12 via food and through animal food. You will also discover that many products are fortified with B12 and many other vitamins.
  • Make use of mock meat, it really helps in the transition phase, when you still crave for the texture and the taste of meat. There are some vegan sausages and hamburgers on the market and that will make a perfect quick and yummy sandwich.
  • Learn how to cook, although is easy to be vegan on the go, nothing beats a home made meal. Eat a lot of fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables and get a bit adventurous with your shopping list. At some point you going to surprise yourself with the thought – how on earth did I live so far without kale.
  • If you are not an active person, join the gym or do whichever exercise you prefer, the key is, enjoy you new found energy to make yourself even healthier.
  • Always remind yourself of the reasons for becoming vegan, that will be a powerful tool on moments of weakness.
  • And the most important of all, be happy with your choice and inspire others to do the same.

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