Supper Club Tropicana


28th August – 7 pm to 8:30 pm
@ Essential Vegan Café

Want to try a tasting menu with dishes from different parts of Brasil? We have prepared an 8 course tasting menu that will play with your palate and sensations.

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Pinto beans soup (caldinho de feijao) with farofa and cheese crackers
Rich and hearty, this slow-cooked beans soup is served with a seasoned and toasted cassava flour and cheese cracker

Tapioca dice with green apple chilli sauce
Golden, crispy-skinned cubes packed with melted lupin cheese combined with the sweet and sour flavours of our sweet chilli sauce.

Warm cassava salad
Boiled and seasoned cassava sticks (mandioca) served with a fresh vinaigrette

Grilled okra
Crunchy, creamy okra served with our coriander chilli sauce

A fritter light in texture and bold in flavour: Stuffed with caruru (okra paste), vatapa (peanut, cashew and coconut milk paste) and fresh tomatoes.

Ginger mango sorbet
Highly refreshing and creamy sorbet.

Brazilian doughnut with guava paste
We call it bolinho de chuva, a deep-fried dumpling, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar served with a creamy guava paste.

Green apple tea with Sequilho
End this journey with a highly digestive and fragrant tea served with our famous. Coconut biscuits.


We don’t sell alcohol but you are more than welcome to bring your own booze, make yourself at home and enjoy our supper club with your favourite tipple.


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